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  • Italian tomato
  • Italian tomato
  • Italian tomato

Tomato Products



Italy is a world leading processed tomato producer, representing approximately 13 percent of the global production and 48 percent of Europe's production. Since the day it was founded, ASU S.r.l. has been cooperating with lots of tomato suppliers in order to provide its customers the best products available on the market. Our history in tomato supplying and the deep knowledge of the product makes us one of the most reliable partner.



  • Long shapes (Spaghetti, Linguine, Vermicelli, etc.)
  • Short shapes (Penne, Fusilli, Rigatoni, etc.)
  • Nests ( Tagliatelle, Tagliolini, Fettuccine, etc.)
ASU Italian Pasta

ASU cooperates with one of the biggest and important Pasta factories in Italy, who for over a century has been perfecting the art of Italian dry Pasta by leaving unchanged the tradition of the product but inspired by the most advanced technologies. More than 300 kinds of Pasta, included whole wheat Pasta and many types of bronzed drawn Pasta are being produced and packed every day in a futuristic and fully authomatized facility of 100.000 mq.

From Parmigiano Reggiano and Grana Padano along with a great variety of Italian Hard Cheese available in whole wheels, different portions and also grated. Whey cheese like the famous Italian Ricotta too are part of range of products we're representing and are intended both to final customer consumption and industrial food processing. Last but not least Mozzarella of several kinds, also used for most types of pizza (mostly shredded) and several pasta dishes.


A wide selection of Hard Cheese and Soft Cheese

ASU Italian Pasta

White condiment and Balsamic Vinegars

Balsamic vinegar (Italian: aceto balsamico) is a very dark, concentrated, and intensely flavoured vinegar made wholly or partially from grape must, originating in Italy. The word balsamico (from Latin balsamum) means "balsam-like" in the sense of "restorative" or "curative".

ASU Italian Vinegar

The traditional balsamic vinegars are made the same way from reduced grape must aged for several years in a series of wooden barrels, and are produced exclusively in either the province of Modena or the wider Emilia region surrounding it. Balsamic vinegars of the commercial variety are ranked on a scale of 0 to 4 by an independent group named the CTAB. We have been cooperating with one of the most prestigious Producer of Balsamic Vinegar since long times, thanks to which we provide our customers the famous italian dressing for supermarkets ,restaurants and industries all over the world.

Italian Appetizers

Antipasto is the traditional first course of a delocious italian meal. Typical ingredients of a traditional Antipasto includes Olives, grilled Vegetables in oil or vinegar, various Cheeses and Anchovies. The contents of an antipasto vary greatly according to regional cuisine: For this reason we cooperate with more suppliers from different regions of Italy. That allow ASU to offer his customers around the world a wide range of italian appetizers for every occasion.

Olive oil

  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Virgin Olive Oil
  • Refined Olive Oil

Olive oil is a monounsaturated fat and the cornerstone of the famous Mediterranean diet. Most people choose olive oil because of its many proven benefits to human health. Extra virgin olive oils offer even more: a world of fruity-bitter tastes that chefs are capturing to elevates dishes to a level they never thought possible. Our suppliers adhere to the standards of the International Olive Oil Council. Our experts taste every day more than 50 different oils and select the best batches for our customers.