Always by your side

We are at full disposal of our customers throghout every step of the development of the project: research and selection of the product, negotiation, label and packaging arranging, claims' assistance. A great attention to the after-sales service makes the growth of log-terms relationships easier. Scroll down for more

"Research and selection" "Our team will start by focusing the attention to your needs. Thanks to a deep knowledge of italian foodstuffs and good working relationship with the most important companies of this sector, we'll be able to help you with your search. More suppliers means a large number of recipes for the "same" product, several production techniques, various kind of packaging (material, size, etc..) and obviously differing prices.

The choice has never been so easy. We will take care of getting in touch with the right producer, leaving you some samples, along with technical sheets and the main informations. In doing so, you'll be able to comfortably examine the best options we've found for you and take the best decision for the growth of your business.

We'll be glad to closely follow every steps of the packaging's development process in case you'll decide to put a specific product and your brand together.

Private label

Purchase orders: what set us apart?

As already mentioned above, ASU's strength is represented by the after-sales services. We firstly take care of receiving orders and issue a translated version. In doing so, we are able to highlight possible errors/incogruities; this accurate double-check allow us to keep controlled the data while receiving quickly replies from the suppliers. Our logistic and administration department will follow every step till loading of the goods and its delivery. Possible complaints will be managed in the most professional way and in short time, so that your business won't be affected and continue to grow safely.