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Founded in 1994, ASU Srl is a trading company which represents many italian food companies, from northern to southern Italy. Our customers are the foreign big supply chains, catering companies and the industries. For this reason we usually deal with big volumes of foodstuffs, in any size and format. Tomato products, Pasta, Cheese, Extra Virgin Olive Oil represent the basis of the italian cuisine all over the World. Thanks to our knowledge we help foreign customers finding the product they're looking for, driving him throughout a culinary trip, to discover the authentic italian taste.

More than 25 years ago, the first customer.

In 1994 we started cooperating with one of the most important Japanese Company in terms of food business. This relationship is stronger now, than it never was and represents a real success for us. Our goal is not to sell goods, but rather building long-term relationships which allow both of us to steady strenghtening our business.

Hard work and investments.

At today, we cooperate with some of the most important companies in more than 10 countries around the World (Germany, Austria, Japan, China, Sweden, Poland, Indonesia, etc.). They're all leads in Great Distribution, Food Service and Food Processing. Every year we try to consolidate the relationship with our customers and in the meantime we try to lay the foundation for the development of new business cooperations, keeping an eye on the future but always paying attention to the present and to the past.

More than 250 articles
Over 10 countries
1 way: hard work and cooperation
Headquarter in Bologna